Lenny vs Kristy
1/4 FINAL video: 37min
Leny and Kristy never fail to deliver an awesome match so if you find yourself aroused by watching big beautiful ladies wrestling naked they will surprise you with the rough moves, pussy penetrations, spanking and verbal abuse. Girls almost fuck right on the wrestling mat using their fingers and massive plastic cocks. And the ending is something to watch - the winner Leny gets the privilege of fucking the referee and shows the sexiest hardcore action we've seen in a long while.
Name: Lenny     Class: BBW
Weight: 85kg     Height: 175cm
Name: Kristy     Class: BBW
Weight: 78kg     Height: 160cm

YES, there's a final sex round between the referee and the match winner ;-)

Viktorie vs Dominika
1/4 FINAL video: 37min
Now this is the fight we all were waiting for and nude oil wrestling the way it should be!
Will chubby Dominika stand a chance against heavyweight BBW Viktorie? The tension is high, both wrestlers come well prepared and highly motivated to get through to the final and very soon we will see who is the best BBW fighter the internet has ever seen.
Name: Viktorie     Class: SSBBW
Weight: 105kg     Height: 168cm
Name: Dominika     Class: Chubby
Weight: 63kg     Height: 164cm
Jitkavs Diana
1/4 FINAL video: 39min
Quarterfinals are here! The rules have changed to make the fights more fun to watch!! Now each of the wrestlers will be given a dildo in the 3rd round and a chance to fulfill their dirty lesbo fantasies ;-) A losing wrestler has to suck a dildo of her rival or even gets fucked with it during the fight. The wrestling moves get even more naughty and BBW girls who made it through to the semifinals are extremely hot.
Name: Jitka     Class: BBW
Weight: 100kg     Height: 155cm
Name: Mira     Class: BBW
Weight: 115kg     Height: 180cm
Monika vs Mira
1/4 FINAL video: 33min
Satisfy your dirty fantasies and take out your anger in the wresting ring with 100kg+ BBWs Monika and Mira! Both girls already showed good results and have equal chances at the 1/8 finals.We personally bet on blond Monika but we knew it won't be an easy fight for her, as her rival Mira is a fast fighter with good coordination and the best stamina around. AND THE WINNER IS…
Name: Monika     Class: BBW
Weight: 120kg     Height: 182cm
Name: Mira     Class: BBW
Weight: 95kg     Height: 172cm

YES, there's a final sex round between the referee and the match winner ;-)

Jitka vs Monika
SEMIFINAL video: 25min
Super sized BBW Monika against BBW Jitka! Jitka - is a successful heavyweight wrestler but she needs to show off all her fighting skills tonight if she doesn't want to leave the ring without her cock prize. Yes, you got it right - in addition to nude BBW wrestling match, you'll see the hardcore sex between the referee and the match winner. Every fight episode on this site has it's final hardcore round!
Name: Monika     Class: SSBBW
Weight: 132kg     Height: 168cm
Name: Jitka     Class: SBBW
Weight: 110kg     Height: 153cm
BBW Fight Club - is a unique site dedicated to Naked BBW Wrestling. At the end of the wrestling match the winner has hardcore sex with the referee - any way she wants. You won't find similar BBW content on the entire internet!
Amy White vs Diana
SEMIFINAL video: 32min
The next 1/8 fight of the european Naked BBW Wrestling Championship. This time there's a serious weight advantage on the side of the BBW fighter Diana. Her competitor is chubby first-time wrestler Amy White. Amy is very fast-moving and likes humiliating sexually her opponent during the fight. Get your beer and popcorn ready and lets see what wins the combat - weight and experience or novice's enthusiasm and passion?
Name: Diana     Class: BBW
Weight: 120kg     Height: 180cm
Name: Amy White     Class: Chubby
Weight: 58kg     Height: 160cm
Marta vs Monika
SEMIFINAL video: 29min
None of the fights are scripted so we can never predict which girl gets her fat ass kicked and which wins referee's big dick. Today's competitors are Marta and Monika i.e. chubby vs BBW fighter. Marta is new to the sport with little wrestling experience but she's obviously got winner's attitude and a large portion of aggression. On the other hand, Monika is a coming star on our site. She's very unpredictable and when Monika is at the ring the results of the match can change even at the last second.
Name: Marta     Class: Chubby
Weight: 75kg     Height: 163cm
Name: Monika     Class: BBW
Weight: 115kg     Height: 182cm
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